2020 Communications


Thank you so much to all of our members who have reached out with questions and concerns. We understand and appreciate how confusing it can be when the information changes so quickly.  We have put together a series of FAQ’s (on our website and included below) to address some of the questions that we have been considering. We hope it will provide some more clarity of details, and reassurance that we are listening to your feedback, and acting on it, as we continue working towards opening the pool this summer. As always, please continue to reach out at wmspa@wildwoodpool.org.

Please remember that dues for July 1st’s opening are due this Friday, June 26. Please understand that we are assessing the full dues even in the face of shortened usage because unfortunately our operating expenses remain the same, regardless of the length of the season. We will likely be facing a deficit this summer regardless, as many members have “opted out” for the season in the face of the ongoing pandemic; the rental income from outside groups will help, but will not offset it entirely. The final numbers will depend on how many families will ultimately decide to pay and use the pool. Since we are a small, member-driven club, our survival in this unprecedented crisis depends to a large extent on the goodwill of our members, understanding that this summer, none of us will truly be “getting what we pay for” in the sense of a “normal” summer at the pool.

We want to clarify that our proposed reservation system, allowing each account an estimate of 2-3 reservations per week, is conservatively estimated, based on almost all members opting to use the pool.  This would be subject to change based on actual usage, and we would also consider ways to allow any unreserved spots to be used each day as well.  We expect that we will “live and learn” through trial and inevitable errors in the first weeks, and adapt accordingly. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as well.

Again, please continue to reach out with your questions and feedback.  We hope that many will join us at the pool this summer and that we will all be able to enjoy some much-needed (socially distant) sun and fun.  If you have sadly decided that you would prefer to “opt-out” for this summer, please let us know at membership@wildwoodpool.org.  If you have already paid your dues for the July 1st opening, THANK YOU!!



Many of you have heard that Montgomery County announced that it had allowed pools to reopen on Friday, June 19, 2020 (with restrictions) and are anxious to head to the pool for some much needed recreational activity. The Wildwood Manor board and Lighthouse Pools (our pool management company) are proceeding with plans to open the pool in a manner that is consistent with state and jurisdictional requirements.

We are currently planning to open the pool on July 1st at 11 am
SUBJECT to sufficient funding from membership.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The pool opening is contingent upon reaching some key financial milestones in terms of money we are taking in from members, the swim team and outside rentals (which will happen only during off hours).  All members interested in using the pool this season MUST pay their dues no later than Friday, June 26 at 12 noon. For those of you that have paid partial dues, when you log in to your account, you will find a balance due to complete the 100% dues required to have use of the pool this summer.

  • We are implementing a reservation system for pool use and to regulate the number of members permitted on the pool deck at one time. Reservations will be on a first come, first serve basis for pre-determined 90-minute blocks.
  • Capacity is limited to a total of 75 members per 90-minute block, and guests are not permitted at this time. We will provide additional information on how to reserve your space in an upcoming communication. We estimate that each membership will be able to reserve two 90-minute time blocks per week. We will open the reservation system one week at a time and we will limit patrons to two reservations at a time. We will provide more detailed information as soon as the reservation system is set up.  And, we will continually revisit this 2-session standard to ensure it reflects capacity and use.
  • The wading pool and recreational areas (basketball court and pavilion) will remain closed this season.


  • We will have restrictions in place to ensure social distancing, including wearing face masks on the pool deck and keeping a 6’ distance from other swimmers on the deck and in the pool.  This does NOT apply to family members with whom you have been quarantined.

To view the full rules for the 2020 pool season, please click here.

All members who plan to utilize the pool must complete and return a waiver (parents must sign on behalf of minors). Information in completing the waiver will be put out in the next coming days.



Wildwood Manor Community,
First, thank you to all who have paid their partial 2020 dues. Your commitment and support are critical to ensure our pool survives financially this year and provides, at best, a level playing field for all the members to shoulder our collective responsibility to maintain our pool during this extraordinarily challenging and unprecedented period. These annual dues are necessary to ensure that we can meet our fixed costs – including debt service, pool management fees, taxes, utilities, insurance, and necessary maintenance. As we have received a significant number of requests to not pay this year or opt out, we feel it essential to reiterate the need for the payments outlined here.

The actions we have outlined below are not unique to our pool, as all the pools in our area are taking similar approaches, to simply maintain the pool in the condition necessary to remain viable going forward.

As a reminder, we are collecting 
50% of the normal annual dues as follows:

Equity Family ($749): 50% = $374.50

Equity Single ($449): 50% = $224.50

Equity Senior ($359): 50% = $179.50

When/if we open for all or some of the season we will, at that time, determine the amount of an additional payment based on the timing of the opening. If we do not open, we will refund the difference between your current payments and the annual fixed cost contribution (listed below).

We have gotten inquiries from some equity members requesting to “opt-out” of using the pool this summer– even if the pool does open— either because they are in the COVID high risk category or just don’t feel comfortable going to the pool during the pandemic. For equity members that would like to “opt-out” of using the pool this summer (or in the event that we do not open), we are requiring members to pay their share of the annual fixed costs for 2020. That fee is as follows:

Annual Fixed Cost Contribution/Opt-Out Fee

Equity Family:  $350

Equity Single:    $210

Equity Senior:  $170

If you would like to opt-out of using the pool for the summer please email membership@wildwoodpool.com requesting this option. Our membership team will update your account so you can pay this fee.

All equity members must pay either the fixed cost contribution (if you don’t plan on using the pool) or the 1/2 dues payment (if you will use the pool if it is able to open). If you do not make a payment this year and wish to return in 2021, you will still owe the annual fixed cost contribution plus a 20% penalty in addition to the membership fee for 2021. There will be a late fee of $50 after Saturday, May 24 for all payments. If you were inadvertently charged the late fee already, this payment will be refunded.

If you have paid your full amount, we ask you to hold tight until we have a final decision about opening. We will ensure that those who have paid early are not financially disadvantaged. Lighthouse, our pool management company, is continuing to prepare the pool so that we can open if we are permitted to do so. We will continue to heed to the directives from the State of Maryland and Montgomery County’s health department regarding opening dates and ongoing operations. No determination has been made yet on schedule and possibility of opening the pool until clear guidance has been established by the governing regulatory states agencies.

Thank you and please reach out with concerns or questions and we will do our best to respond quickly.  This is an uncertain time for all of us and we are committed to doing what’s best for our pool community—balancing all of the concerns and hopes of our members. Please expect further updates and communications from the pool board as information becomes available and definitive.

The Wildwood Manor Board


Hello everyone—

We hope you continue to stay safe and healthy in the quarantine. We are continuing to monitor the situation and government policies about re-opening.

We have not made a decision about opening the pool this season. If we are able to open, it seems clear that we will have significant restrictions and requirements at the pool. We are looking to federal, state and county officials for clarity on the decision to open and how to manage attendance at the pool if we are able to open.  The CDC guidelines for aquatic venues give you a sense of what will be required of all of us if we open this season.

This is a reminder that we are asking members to pay 50% of their annual dues by May 15 (see amounts below for seasonal and equity memberships). If we make a decision to open, final payments will be due before opening.  If we do not open, refunds will be calculated after accounting for our annual fixed operating costs (equity members will be asked to contribute their calculated share of these costs). Our fixed costs include pool maintenance, insurance, and loan payments on previous renovations. We are assessing amounts for the various contingencies and will provide full detail to you about costs after we determine the opening scenario.

We expect to make a decision before our regular opening date about the season and will issue any necessary refunds at that time.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have suggestions, questions or concerns.  This is an uncertain time and we are working hard to balance the rewards and risks associated with any decision about the 2020 season.  We will be in touch as soon as we know more.

The WMPSA Board

April 27, 2020

Wildwood Manor Pool Community –

We hope you are all safe and staying healthy during the quarantine. We continue to monitor the situation and government predictions about returning to “normal.” Increasingly, the evidence seems to indicate that we will have a shorter pool season than normal, if we are, in fact, able to open. We remain optimistic about opening the pool for at least a partial season.

Because we don’t have final clarity about the situation, we are delaying the deadline for membership dues from May 1 to May 15. At that time, we are asking members to pay 50% of the annual dues (see amounts below for seasonal and equity memberships). This will minimize the need to refund money to members should the season be reduced. If we are able to open on time, we will ask for the remainder of dues before we open. If we are unable to operate for half the season (7+ weeks), we will prorate refunds accordingly (after covering annual fixed operating costs). In the event that you have already paid your dues, we will process any necessary refund as soon as a decision is made about the pool opening. We expect this decision will be made before our regular opening date.

Most public outdoor pools are moving forward with pre-season preparation and Montgomery County is moving ahead with inspections during this time period.  In the short term, we are still moving ahead with repairs, inspections, and Lighthouse (our pool management contractor) is hiring guards for the summer season because postponing these important steps means running the risk of not being able to open the pool if and when it is deemed safe to do so.

We will be in touch before May 15 with an update if we have further indications from government authorities about what’s possible.  In the meantime, we hope you stay safe and healthy.

The WMPSA Board