Seasonal Family Membership

Please confirm by checking the box to the right that you want a Seasonal Family Membership and that you and your family agree to abide by the WMSPA pool rules and Regulations (click here to review), and that you understand that this is a one year trial membership program.  At the end of the trial, you will be required to officially join the pool as a WMSPA member when an equity stock membership becomes available.

For a Senior (couples ages 65 and older) or Single (Individual) plan (ages 16 and older), please contact membership at the email address below and we will be happy to change the level for you.

The Seasonal Family membership is $1250 per family unit.

This is a reminder that a family unit shall consist of the head of a household and any immediate members of the family permanently living in the home, and, upon approval by the Board of Directors, or its designee, any other person permanently residing with the family.  Any non-immediate family members will be charged a $50 per person fee and should be added to the Babysitter, Caretaker and/or Houseguest options listed above.

If they live permanently in your home, please confirm their role in the house such as a live-in grandparent, a child that is legally adopted, an au pair etc., by submitting the Account Information Changes form to membership.  You can also send an email to if there are more than 8 family members living in your household so that we can see if we can get WMSPA board approval.