Pool Update 6.15.20

Hello Members—

We are working to be agile and transparent in the ever-changing environment post-quarantine and, due to the latest announcements from the County Executive, are now trying to determine whether we have member support to open for lap use only during Phase 2. Based on the latest information from the county and our pool operator, we have two realistic options with regard to pool this summer:

  1.  remain closed for the 2020 season
  2. open for reserved lap use in July (anticipated date).

Because there are potential financial implications that could potentially result in running a higher deficit if we open, than not open, we need to hear from the membership about your willingness and interest to use the pool in a limited way. Please let us know your interest in using the pool for lap use so that we can make a final decision about opening this season

We will need to use savings in any event this season, to cover costs of maintaining the pool and other fixed expenses. Our aim (if we open for lap use) is to ensure that the deficit does not exceed that of not opening.  To help mitigate the financial impact, we anticipate renting the pool in off hours to local teams and clubs. But we will still need to get a commitment from members who will pay full 2020 dues to use the pool for lap use.  Thanks for your patience and understanding as we navigate the challenges of operating during the pandemic.  The pool still has stable financial position either way, but want to make sure we are transparent as we continue to navigate these uncertain times.
NOTE: In order to participate in on-site (at the pool) swim team activities your membership must be paid in full.