2018 Board & Pool Management

The Wildwood Manor Pool is governed by an elected Board of Directors. The 2018 Pool Budget was approved by the membership at the February 2018 Annual Meeting. The next Annual Meeting date and location will be announced at the end of Summer.

If you have any questions or concerns about the pool and management, please contact one of the board members below using email wmspa@wildwoodpool.com.

Melissa Brady serves as pool administrator, and can be reached at info@wildwoodpool.com.

The Wildwood Manor Pool hired Lighthouse Pool Management for the day-to-day pool operation and staffing for the summer of 2018. If you need to contact the Pool Manager, please email lifeguard@wildwoodpool.com.

Click here for more information on the WMSPA Board Positions and Pool Committee Descriptions.

Board Contacts

NameContact Email(s)Board Position & Committees
Laura Salazarpresident@wildwoodpool.com, management@wildwoodpool.com, webmaster@wildwoodpool.comPresident, Pool Management, Communications/Webmaster Committees
Sandy Scottsocial@wildwoodpool.com, beautification@wildwoodpool.comVice President, Social Committee, Beautification
Terri Yurenchkomembership@wildwoodpool.comSecretary, Membership
Michael Cainetreasurer@wildwoodpool.com,Treasurer
Ann Sayboltplanning@wildwoodpool.comLong Term Planning Committee,
Swim Team Liaison
Ted Lieberwombatscafe@wildwoodpool.com, pavilion@wildwoodpool.comSnack Bar,
Pavilion Rentals
Marc Wilenskysocial@wildwoodpool.com, programs@wildwoodpool.comSpecial Programs,
Social Committee
Kristi Formangrounds@wildwoodpool.com, planning@wildwoodpool.comBuilding & Grounds,
Long Term Planning Committees
Kate Snydergrounds@wildwoodpool.com, social@wildwoodpool.comBuilding and Grounds,
Social Committee
Melissa Bradyinfo@wildwoodpool.com, membership@wildwoodpool.comAdministrator, Membership, Webmaster