Early Morning Lap Pass

Wildwood is offering early morning lap swimming to members 14 YEARS AND OLDER on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 6AM – 8AM. In order have access to the pool for lap swimming EACH PERSON MUST PURCHASE A LAP PASS using the form below. Please fill out one form per swimmer.

Please note that there is no individual reservation of lap lanes, and during periods of high occupancy, lap swimmers are expected to circle-swim up to 4 individuals per lane.

For the month of July (on Mondays and Wednesdays), up to four lanes will be available for lap swimming. Available lanes will be identified by personnel on site at that time. On Fridays in July and then Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays beginning in August, all lanes can be available for lap swimming subject to need.

In order to ensure a positive lap swimming experience, we are limiting the number of lap-passes available, and sales will be cut off once we hit that limit.

Nonetheless, in fairness to all, and due to the reduced staffing for early morning lap swimming, the following rules will apply:

  • Lanes cannot be reserved, and up to 4 swimmers are expected to share available lanes, using circle-swim methods.
  • No guest passes can be used during lap swimming hours.
  • All lap swimmers must exit by 8am.
  • Lap passes must be purchased individually — unlike pool membership a lap pass does not extend to the entire household.
  • Any member entering the pool between 6am-8am must have purchased a lap pass.
  • Lap passes are only available to those 14-year-old and up. No children under 14 are allowed on the premises during lap swimming hours.
  • The pool will be open for lap swimming only. Other amenities including the pavilions, snack bar, playground and wading pools will be closed. The bathhouse will of course be open.